I was in the shower. This was about 3 years ago. The water was hot and beating down on my head, neck and back. My right hand braced the wall under the faucet. I dropped my head forward to breathe in under the waterfall that surrounded my face. In my head I saw trees. Mist. Strange light. And water.

And a voice. A booming whisper. I didn’t recognize the words but I loved them.

My imagination ignited, I jumped from the shower, innervated with possibility.  Life energy coursing through my veins.

Three syllables. I could almost hear them… my mind did what minds do: I surmised. I edited. I created MacaKai.

Three years later, in the embrace of the divine, I was again called, this time with a bit more specificity. I see the word on the cover of a book…

And I hear the whisper again… I find someone and ask what the word means. She smiles at me and says, “Thank you. It means thank you.”

My eyes tear. I know that I am home again.

Maketai. (thank you)